FL Title Insurance Calculator

Step 1. Enter amount to be insured:$
Simultaneous Policy
Both Owner’s Policy and Loan Policy will be issued
Step 2. Click button to calculate insurance rate: CALCULATE
$0 – $100,000
over $100,000 – 1 million
over 1 million – 5 million
over 5 million – 10 million
over 10 million
Insurance Rate:
Step 3. Check/uncheck endorsements needed:
ALTA 4.1 Condo
ALTA 6.0 Negotiable Rate Mortgage
ALTA 6.1 Variable Rate Mortgage
ALTA 6.2 Neg. Amortization Mortgage
ALTA 7.0 Manufactured Housing
ALTA 8.1 Environmental Protection Liens
Florida Form 9
Florida Form 9.1, vacant land
Florida Form 9.2, improved land
Navigational Servitude, waterfront
Survey (not required for condo)
Closing Fee 750
Search Fee 85
Municipal Lien Search 170
Estimated Total: $0*

*Disclaimer: Vintage Title does not represent that this estimated total is the final rate to be charged at closing. All estimates obtained through use of this calculator are dependent upon the accuracy of the information entered and the accuracy of the calculator. In addition, there may be other charges required.

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